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Your Full Service Package

Claris™ FileMaker™ is the universal tool with which we develop your software solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Request our consultation!

FileMaker™ and web programming

For new developments as standard solutions or - most often - as individual, digital problem solvers in small and medium-sized enterprises; FileMaker™ is ideally suited for this. We program it for you.

Database solutions development

We develop your FileMaker solution from scratch and, of course, the database is adapted exactly to your processes. Inline documentation is of course included.

Mobile and online

Your databases can also be developed as apps for mobile devices or connected to online applications. We also programme full-stack online applications with PHP and JavaScript.


We document our code inline, i.e. other developers receive information about your software directly in the code. Your users will find hints on what to do or what is possible when they move the mouse over a data field, button or similar. Because nobody reads a manual anyway.

Data connectivity

FileMaker™ supports standard protocols and programming languages such as JSON, ODBC/JDBC, XML, PHP, mySQL, mariaDB and JavaScript and can therefore be dynamically connected to many data sources.


We work exclusively for one customer per market. So when we develop customised software for you, we don't do it for any of your competitors.

What we do

Trainings for FileMaker and InDesign


We are happy to pass on our expertise in training courses and webinars. Take advantage of our knowledge in the efficient production of print and online media with Adobe InDesign and Claris FileMaker. The language of instruction is English or German.

Web programming

Web programming

Nowadays, most websites are combined together with modular systems. However, it only becomes interesting (also for us) when individual solutions are required that cannot be conjured up quickly from a free plug-in. What we have already specially programmed for other clients, we can also do for your company.
Filemaker™ programming

Filemaker™ programming

We develop database solutions with Claris™ FileMaker™ and optionally connect these databases to web solutions.